Readings By Suzanne Studio
You Never Walk Alone


     Suzanne is a naturally Intuitive Psychic Medium Practitioner, which means she is able to connect you to your guide(s), loved ones who have crossed, and is able to get a read on your path then, now and to come.

      Knowing the sense of peace and closure having a session can bring is why Suzanne has chosen to devote herself full time to her calling.

   We never walk alone, we are always surrounded by our loved ones.

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701 Route 102, Burton, NB  E2V 3M3

     It has been a wonderful Summer and will be a very busy Fall. We are currently completely booked until the New Year and as such are closing the phones and emails to new bookings. 

     Please feel free to call back in January if you are interested in a booking for 2017.  

     If you are currently booked for an appointment with Suzanne and need to cancel or reschedule please feel free to leave a message.  

    Messages and emails will be checked regularly for just this purpose.